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As a dad of an 15 year old daughter with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D), I’m fully aware of the life-changing condition and also the massive benefits that technology can bring.

I developed these systems to compliment the (Continuous Glucose Monitor) CGM & transmitter technology to allow T1D sufferers to have a comfortable, flexible and removable holder, as they can be worn 24/7.

They are printed to suit their arms size, so the flexible plastic takes the strain – not the elasticated strap on their arm.

I offer a range of sizes, from 18 cm up to 40 cm. This is the circumference of the upper arm. If larger or smaller sizes are needed, just email me and I’ll accommodate you.

My solution: a product printed from TPU, which is a flexible and very durable material. It is kept in place using very high grade bra shoulder strap elastic material, for the optimum comfort against the skin.

There are a lot of T1D sufferers with skin sensitivity. 24/7 exposure to strong adhesives can be very painful and irritating.  Some of my customers had to abandon the technology as their skin could not tolerate the adhesives, but using my holders, they were able to use the T1 Tech again.