T1 Diabetic Tech Wear

T1 Diabetic Tech Wear

As a dad of a 9 year old daughter with Type 1 Diabetes, I’m fully aware of the life-changing condition and also the massive benefits that technology can bring.  

I developed these systems to compliment the technology to allow T1D sufferers to have a comfortable, flexible and removable holder, as they have to be worn 24/7.  They are printed to suit their arms, so the flexible plastic takes the strain – not the elasticated strap on their arm.

The Libre’s handheld scanner collects the data that has been averaged over 15 minutes from 3 measurements, 5 minutes apart.  The BluCon Nightrider sits on top of the Libre and takes the individual 5 minute readings.  This data is sent to a smartphone app, as the raw live data, providing us with the best possible readings and alarms to help us manage.

It does make the overall height bigger, but the pros far out-weigh the cons.  We just needed a solution to hold it on her arm comfortably and securely.  As it’s not waterproof, it needs to be easily removed and put on again, without potential damage or interference with the sensor itself.  Because of the frequencies of showers and swimming sessions, plasters were not an option for us.

The new MiaoMiao (pronounced Meow-Meow) transmitter for the Freestyle Libre sensor has a different profile to the BluCon. It sits off-centre of the Libre.  This reduces the profile height.   But, without some secure form of holding it on the wearer’s arm, it could result in it dislodging the Libre’s filament. 

There are a lot of T1D sufferers with skin sensitivity. 24/7 exposure to strong adhesives can be very painful and irritating.

Available holders on the market were flat and made of rigid ABS plastic and didn’t sit comfortably on the arm.

My solution: a product printed from TPU, which is a flexible and very durable material. I designed it to suit the wearer’s arm shape and it is kept in place using bra strap material, for the optimum comfort against the skin.  I offer a range of sizes, from 18 cm up to 40 cm.  This is the circumference of the upper arm.  If larger or smaller sizes are needed, just email me and I’ll accommodate you.

Click on the shop tab and select your arm circumference measurement and then choose if hearts or triangles are preferred around the rim.