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Measuring for the Tech Wear

To get the most out of the flexible holders for the CGMs & Pumps, it’s best to select the size that most closely fits your arm when it’s relaxed and for the pump – the waist around the bellybutton.

If you have a fabric measuring tape like your Mammy has in her sewing box, that would be ideal as it’s flexible. You can also use a metal measuring tape that you would have for DIY jobs around your house. If you don’t have either, use a strip of a newspaper sheet. Wrap the strip around yout arm, or waist and mark where the edges touch with a pen.  Then use a ruler to measure the length from the end, to the inkmark.

For best results, ask someone to help.  Hold your naked upper arm (that doesn’t have any sensor on it) relaxed by your side.  For your waist, measure when relaxed, as the waist band can be tightened.

Choose the closest size that’s a bit larger. The elasticated strap has a buckle and it can be moved to make it a bit tighter if needed. 

This method will ensure that the curvature of holder is matching the arm and snugly does the job of maintaining the tech in place.  The elasticated strap does not have to be too tight, resulting in the wearer having a far more comfortable experience – 24/7.

Click on the shop tab and select your arm circumference or waist range measurement.