These testimonials are taken from some of the email feedback that I’ve received from my global customers. Some customers did not wish for me to post them, but their kind emails gave me a lot of personal satisfaction to know that my design solution is helping them, their child or friend to better manage their condition.

  • My daughter is very happy with her BluCon holder. It shows no signs of wear and tear and seems very well built. I have recommended it to anyone who wants recommendations.  Anders Jølsum, Norway

  • The Holder has arrived and my daughter was very very happy.  She ask for the color pink, is that possible? Jan Möller, Germany

  • Thank you for the timely shipment for both MiaoMiao Arm bands.  I was able to self adjust to a very good fit. Michael Stone, USA

  • Our order just arrived by mail. Can’t wait to try them out. They look lovely!! Murray Wakeman, Canada

  • Holder is for my seven years old son and today he said that it feels very comfortable, thank you again! Jenni Henttunen, Finland

  • The holder is very good. The round shape that stay on the arm is comfortable and the belt is perfect. It is supporting it properly without any unpleasant feeling on the skin. I’m really happy with that. Thank you.  Riccardo Magro, Italy

  • We love these holders! Soft plastic curved to fit close to the arm. Vents to stop the sensor from burning out as they did previously using other methods of holding the BluCon in place. Adjustable and very comfortable soft strap which holds so well once tightened to the desired size. Highly recommend. Mary Murphy, Ireland

  • We have the strap and holder for the BluCon that fits over the Libre. It has changed our lives. I can constantly see my daughter’s blood sugar levels and the holder is so soft, flexible and comfortable she has no problems wearing it all day/night. It holds the BluCon firmly in place and it also makes it really easy to remove the BluCon from the Libre when shes going swimming. I’d highly recommend it. Penelope Smith,  Ireland

  • I have to say this is great although I may make a slight amendment to the strap to introduce Velcro, that way it will be easier to remove for showering etc without struggling it over the sensor – plus additional benefit of being able to make slightly tighter. I wish I had gone 1cm diameter smaller but hey ho.. fantastic product. Simon Isherwood, England

    Shane’s ForWard Design MiaoMiao transmitter holster is an innovative, customised fit for each customer. It is usable without any MiaoMiao adhesive or over taping the Libre sensor. It provides an excellent solution for the allergy issues, as well as protecting the sensor and transmitter from being accidentally knocked off the arm. Bad sticker allergies, rashes, holster cuts, elastic indentation stripes and poorly designed holsters can be now be avoided. Thank you for sharing your family’s necessity, the motherhood of invention, with the rest of the T1 world Shane 🙂 Mags Hussey, Australia
  • Originally bought a BluCon holder from a company in Denmark. It was poorly designed and caused cuts and bruising.

    Forward Design’s holders are superb and not much dearer at all! It’s far more comfortable and hasn’t destroyed any sensor filaments unlike the previous one from Denmark.

    Shane was very quick to respond, polite and friendly, a pleasure to do business with.

    I can’t use ‘stocky’ adhesive solutions like Tegaderm because my skin reacts to it overtime, this holder is an ideal solution and works perfectly, can’t recommend enough! Austin Stewart, Scotland

  • I bought the MiaoMiao Holder – White, i love it. 
    I can highly recommend the holder best regards from Vienna, He Pi, Austria

  • I bought the MiaoMiao/Libre holder for my (very active) daughter. We are absolutely delighted with it and will be back for more colours. It’s very comfortable, takes the worry out of losing the MiaoMiao, and keeps the Libre sensor nice and secure – a big plus as nearly every second one used to come off prematurely. Great value and very speedy delivery! Thanks Shane Eve Naughton, Ireland

  • We bought the Enlite holder for our daughter to wear during sports. It’s soft and moulded to the the shape of the arm. Fantastic product and wonderful customer service from Shane. Thanks again!! Cliona O’Connell, Ireland

  • Awesome product! I have had the Forward Design MiaoMiao armband for a couple of weeks now and love it! Highly recommend to anyone looking for an alternate means of keeping the MM in place without any extra adhesives.

    Pros: 1) The armband is very comfortable. The band itself is mad out of a stretchy bra material. I measured my arm as best I could. (it’s hard to do one handed) and gave my best estimate when I placed my order. It came with plenty of extra to be truly adjustable.
    2) The material for the holder itself is 3D printed. It’s curved to fit to roundness of the arm. The MM fits nice and snug inside so it won’t move around. There is enough material around the edges which helps keep everything in place. 
    3) The side of the holder is rounded just enough on the inside to sit nicely over the Libre sensor. As long as this side stays on top of the sensor the MM sits perfectly every time.

    Cons: 1) There isn’t much of an edge on the side that covers the sensor. If there was an extra CM or so it would help the holder stay in place. Sometimes it pops off pretty easily.

    That’s really the only con I can come up with. It took a few days to get the armband adjusted to the right fit to keep it in place without cutting the circulation to my arm. I also cut a small piece of KT tape to cover the side of the MM that was touching my arm. I found that without it the bare plastic laying on my arm was pretty itchy. Problem solved.

    Shipping was extremely fast from Ireland to Washington state, USA. I received my shipping notice on Monday and received it on Friday. Shane let me know what to expect every step of the way which I truly appreciated. Customer service at it’s best!

    If you’re thinking about this product, I highly recommend it! David Wong, USA

  • A sincere thanks to Shane for the fantastic Libre/MiaoMiao arm band – only in use for two days and already a massive improvement! The holders is a perfect bespoke fit and extremely soft and tactile – and the arm band is excellent quality – we got blue but I think my T1 daughter will be back for more – to co-ordinate with outfits! She is also hugely impressed that Shane is a T1 daddy therefore knows exactly what is needed! Maggie Pym, Ireland