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Useful Links

Here are a few links that I think will be helpful

Sensor and Transmitters 

There may be local sites or resellers in your own country, but these are good pointers:

Abbott Freestyle Libre:

Ambrosia BluCon:



Medtronic Enlite:

Here’s a very handy schematic clearly showing the way the MiaoMiao can communicate with devices.  It was created by Patrick Sonnerat. MiaomiaoSystems

Apps for interpreting the Raw Data from the Libre & transmitters

Spike for iOS:

xDrpi+ for Android


This for uploading the collected data into the cloud for sharing and producing reports:

Here’s a document I put together to help anyone that wants to use the reporting function of NightScout.  It walks you through how to configure the settings to produce very concise and clear PDFs for your records and to share with your medical team.  Setting up NightScout Reporter 


There are a lot of vloggers in the T1D community, I think that Kamil Armacki’s channel Nerdabetic is one of the best. Kamil helped me in the early days and he was involved in the trialling of the prototype.  He was very encouraging to get my design out there to help the community.  He reviewed my MiaoMiao holder in this video (from 7:32 minutes).

The Diabetic Way has some great tutorials that you can follow at your own pace. Here are two of them:

How to Install Xdrip: 

How to setup Nightscout – Will work for AndroidAPS looping too!

Kyle Blanchfield is a young boy from Ireland with his own T1D channel.  It’s a great resource to show other young kids how they too can take the responsibility of managing their T1D tech.  Kyle B Type 1 Diabetes 

Bra Strap Supplier

I use very high-grade bra shoulder strap material to ensure that the fabric and elasticity is perfectly designed to be next to the naked skin.  My cousin Mary Murphy is a bespoke lingerie designer and she provides these to me via her  business Síoda Lingerie. She’s T1D too and also a T1 Mam, so she’s extremely aware of the issues we all face.  She has designed lycra sleeves for covering the sensors and transmitters when swimming and at the beach.  She also makes to-order beautiful pouches for insulin pumps. Take a look at Mary’s Etsy Shop and then see what she does when she’s not a T1D Hero.